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Best Hotels in London

First of all, you could go to see the London eye and go into 1 of the capsules consequently you can set eyes on the outstanding view that it presents. It’s in addition recognized as the millennium wheel and was opened on 31st of December 1999, its located on the south bank of the river Thames. The Ferris wheel is one hundred thirty five metres tall and cost £70 million to build. It is fixed with 32 air conditioned capsules, the capsules can fit no extra than 25 people at a time. There are also Buckingham palace that you can visit, if you visit here during the summer then you could set out on a trip of the state rooms and watch the shifting of the guards. If you fancy doing something more unique and bold then you can go to the London dungeons. You will still get to meet historical characters like as Jack the ripper. You may even get to go on a themed ride, travelling on a boat, to where Henry VIII sent traitors. Also, you would get to see what will of occurred if Guy Fawkes succeeded. This is best suited for those who are 12 years old and over, if you are under 16 years old you needf to have someone 18 years old or above with you.

If you’re going to be remaining in 1 of the hotels, then there are so many great ones to select from which are in the best locations, including the ElyseeHotel in London and the Four Season Hotel. The best thing about this hotel is that its aesthetically pleasing together inside and out. They propose you the choice of bed and breakfast, the breakfast is cooked by their top rated chefs. When it comes to rooms which you can settle within they have extra than 200 types accessible overall, this is as they contain 193 guest rooms and forty six suites. If requested the hotel can provide you with equipment which will be beneficial throughout your stay such as wheelchair equipped rooms and childproofing. They in addition offer a giant variety of services and facilities, some of which have to be requested, these involve hypoallergenic bedding, wifi, a laptop along with printer, as well as so much more. Check into time for this hotel is any time following 3pm and check out time is any time up to 12pm. Then, there is the exceptional Corinthia Hotel, which is within the finest location as its close to all of the popular attractions Reviews for this hotel say they had been supplied with a excellent service, the staffs had been pleasant, the accommodation were brilliant and they would certainly recommend this hotel to someone else. This hotel gives numerous different spa treatments such as bamboo joint release experience plus cellular hydration facial.


The Cost of Living in London

London is a city full of opportunity, life and diversity, yet out of the 8.5 million people living in London, 73% of low-to-middle income families – which is nearly a quarter of the population – cannot afford to pay the usual 90% monthly mortgage cost on a regular house. The Shared Ownership scheme means that 95% of the population would be able to afford and live in a stable home. So why are there less than 1% of the population that live in a shared ownership household?
In 2009 the scheme was put under the banner of HomeBuy, which is when the HCA devoted £300 million to this, and in 2018 – 2020 the UK government intend to donate £4 billion to building 135,000 more houses through shared ownership, which means so many new homes for families that cannot afford the usual ones in Marine Wharf. The scheme’s concept is a purchaser will buy 25% – 75% of the house, and rent the remaining from the housing association. Although they haven’t paid full price for the house they will still have control over it, and additional shares can be bought from the landlord at any point so the buyer can then make their way up to having full ownership of the house.
shared ownership LondonThe average price for a flat in London is just under £500,000, and a semi-detached or terraced property being over £100,000 more. This is double the asking price of any other city in the UK for property. How is a first-time buyer or any low-to-medium income family supposed to afford that? If they were born and grew up in London are they supposed to leave the city when they choose to move out because the house prices are too steep? Many young people dream of moving out and owning their property, but instead now they are either still living with their parents or are fretting over whether they’ll have enough to pay their monthly dues.
There are many advantages to the home ownership scheme, such as the house can be sold at any time, it is accessible to lower-income households, it is potentially cheaper than renting, additional shares can be bought from the landlord, and it available for a vast range of developments and property types.
There are currently restrictions on who can apply for a house through shared ownership. Some of these include:
 You are unable to afford a home suitable for your family size that is on the open market
 You do not currently own a home
 You are a newly-formed household
 You are relocating for work purposes
 The home you purchase must be the only home you own and/or live in.
Nevertheless, these limits are being removed after April 2016 and only military personnel are a priority. This also means that anyone with a household income lower than £90,000, or £80,000 everywhere else in England, cannot apply for a house through this scheme.
Many young people think the dream of owning their own property is out of reach and unobtainable, but through this scheme they can continue living in London and be able to afford a home of their own.